Miscellaneous Air Valves

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AK12405NPush-Pull Control Valve; 3 Position / 3-Port ; 3/8" NPT

Control Valve

VE320122MRThree Position Air Cylinder Valve Repl (Velvac 320122)

Air Cylinder Valve

VE320121MRTwo Position Air Cylinder Valve Repl (Velvac 320121)

Air Cylinder Valve

VE320121KKnob for VE320121MR; 22MR

Knob VE320121MR,

VE12392MRUse VE320121MR

Use VE320121MR

FS-6593Tailgate Control Air Valve (Repl. Buyers BAV010)

Tailgate Control

FS-51805th Wheel On/Off Air Toggle Switch (Repl Holland XA-02048)

5th Wheel Toggle

FS-5179TDToggle Detented Air Valve (Repl Buyer BAV020TD)

Toggle Detented valve

FS-5179TAIR TOGGLE VALVE (Repl Buyers BAV020T)


FS-5178DB2 Spool; 4-Way Dump Truck Rear Door Valve (with pup Trailer)..(Repl. Apsco V-88)

2 Spool, 4-Way Valve

FS-51783-WAY Dump Truck Rear Door Valve (repl. Apsco V-8)

3-WAY Dump Truck

FS-12394B4-Way, 3-Position Air Valve

Tailgate Air Control

FS-12391BTailgate Air Control Valve (Repl Buyer BAV020)

Tailgate Air Control

B3000-259H5Tail-A-Gator Cylinder (Repl Mac 27080090)

Tail-A-Gator Cylinder

AM1025Paccar Air Manifold

Air Manifold

AM1022Air Manifold (Repl. Mack, Volvo)

Air Manifold

AM1020Air Manifold (Repl. Volvo )

Air Manifold

AM1015Air Manifold

Air Manifold

AM1013Air Manifold

Air Manifold

AM1010Air Manifold

Air Manifold

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