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Each customer has one year from the purchase date of the finished product to return the core to receive the appropriate credit. Any item in the customer’s core bank will then be deleted if not returned before the twelve (12) month period ends.

Cores returned to FleetSpec, which are not eligible for core return credit, will be placed in a core bank for up to one (1) year. Cores remaining in that bank after one (1) year without a corresponding purchase will become the sole property of FleetSpec.

Based on an item-by-item policy, the core credit can be granted against the item previously purchased.

FleetSpec may also be interested in purchasing certain cores for which the customer is not entitled to credit, following the core bank policy. Offers to purchase such cores will be on an as-needed basis.

Cores with damaged or missing components are subject to the following percentage chargebacks:

· One part damaged or missing - deduct 50% of the full core value

· Cores with more than one part damaged or missing - no value

Any core's value and additional charges are determined at the point of sale.

Cores classified as flood, fire, heat damaged, or junkyard cores have no value.


Effective October 1st, 2022, our freight policy has changed to reflect the escalating freight costs.

The new updated policy is as follows:

$1,500.00 prepaid shipment if no spring brakes pallet is on the order (excluding cores)

$3,500.00 prepaid shipment if the order includes 1 pallet of spring brakes (excluding cores)

$6,500.00 prepaid shipment if the order includes 2 pallets or more of spring brakes (excluding cores)

(Excludes NFLD, Labrador, North Western Territories, Yukon, USA, and may include other locations)

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